• Repeat drunken driver sentenced for fatal crash

    By: Lee Stoll


    MARYSVILLE, Wash. - A repeat drunk driver who fled a fatal crash will spend the next 12 years in prison — but that's not what his victims want.

    While Terrance Olesen was able to walk into court, Alex Ryan was pushed in a wheelchair by his family. His head is still in a protective helmet.

    Olesen's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit when he struck Ryan, Jerad Clawson and Shane Santos as they walked along a Marysville road more than a year ago.

    Santos died at the scene.

    "He killed Shane Santos and injured those other two boys as surely as if he had put a gun to their head and pulled the trigger himself," said Ryan's sister, LaKrista VanTrece.

    The crash happened two days after the state Legislature adopted tougher sentences for drunk driving crashes.

    Instead of seven years, Olsen's possible prison term jumped to 12-15 years.

    He plead guilty. In exchange, prosecutors recommended the 12-year minimum.

    The judge agreed to the terms.

    "If I thought there was some positive benefit by imposing more time I wouldn't hesitate to do it," said Judge George Bowden.

    But Clawson, who is still in physical therapy, says Olesen doesn't deserve a break.

    Olesen was convicted of a DUI in 2007 and had no insurance to cover more than $373,000 his victims have spent on medical bills.

    "This is a repeat offense so I honestly don't see much remorse," said Clawson.

    Olesen's sentence includes an extra two years because he has a previous drunk driving conviction.

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