• Recording after Molly Conley shooting reveals frantic scene

    By: KIRO 7 STAFF


    Recordings of dispatch calls made shortly after 15-year-old Molly Conley was fatally shot capture cries of friends who were walking on the Lake Stevens road with her, and the vehicle description given to police.

    "We've got a possible description, very vague," an officer said. "A dark-colored, bigger SUV."

    Police received several vehicle descriptions that night, but only vague information. Lake Stevens police have released very little information about the shooting that happened about 11:15 p.m. Saturday when Conley and friends were gathered to celebrate her birthday.

    Police told neighbors about the black SUV, but did not give that description to KIRO 7 and have not commented when asked about the vehicle.

    Officers on the Saturday night dispatch recording mention multiple parents calling police after the shooting. Lynn Herring, whose daughter was with Conley when she was shot, said her daughter's grief is still too raw.

    A day after the Snohomish County sheriff's spokeswoman told KIRO 7 "it is safe to say that the danger has passed" in the search for Conley's killer, authorities backed off that statement.

    "There really is no way to assess the threat to the public 100 percent until we have a suspect in custody and we understand the motive," sheriff's spokeswoman Shari Ireton said Tuesday afternoon.

    Investigators searched for surveillance video, hoping for leads at a nearby espresso stand. But barista Grace Elerle told KIRO 7 the crime wasn't recorded.

    Detectives haven't released any suspect information, and Ireton said Thursday they still don't know if Conley was targeted or a random victim.

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