• Recorded confession played in Pierce County murder trial

    By: Kevin McCarty


    Jurors in the trial of Tyler Savage heard his recorded confession from August 2010, as he admitted strangling Kimberly Daily, 16.

    On the recording Savage, who was then 18 years old, told Pierce County Sheriff's Detective Mark Merod that he choked Daily from behind after the two sat and talked a few blocks from their homes in South Hill on the afternoon of Aug. 17, 2010. 

    "She got up to go and I killed her," Savage said on the recording.

    As the confession played Savage, now 21, wept silently in the courtroom as his attorneys patted his back to comfort him

    Savage admitted he arranged a meeting with Daily on Facebook, then walked with her to an undeveloped area near some trees and blackberry bushes a few blocks from their homes in South Hill. 

    When Merod asked Savage why he killed Daily he said he didn't know. When asked to describe what happened Savage was heard to say, "I don't know, it kind of felt like a dream, like it wasn't happening." Merod asked, "What was Kimmy doing?" Savage answered, "Struggling."

    Savage then described how he panicked and quickly hid the teenager's body after he realized he had killed her. 

    She died and I threw her in the sticker bushes kind of afraid of what I did," he said.

    But Savage has since changed his story and now claims that Daily, who is described as having had the mental and emotional capacity of a 10-year-old, asked him to choke her, saying she wanted to have dirty sex. In opening statements, Savage's attorney Leslie Tolzin told jurors Daily's death was the result of a dangerous sex game and that it was accidental.

    The prosecution is expected to rest its case as early as Thursday. When asked if Savage will take the stand to testify in his defense Tolzin said a decision has not yet been reached

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