• Recommendation for Sacramento Kings expected late next week


    NEW YORK - There is new information on the battle over bringing NBA basketball back to Seattle.

    This comes at the end of three days of crucial meetings in New York, where Friday was supposed to be the day the NBA Board of Governors was to decide the fate of the Sacramento Kings.

    The Kings played their last game of the season in Sacramento, but even after the meetings, it is unknown at this time where they will play in the fall.

    “There are so many other issues based upon environmental reviews, potential lawsuits and the like,” said NBA Commissioner David Stern.

    Among the issues was the Sacramento group’s bid to keep the team there.

    The Associated Press obtained a letter from the current owners of the Kings, the Maloof family, asking the NBA to approve the sale of the Kings to Seattle. The Maloofs also called the Sacramento group’s proposal “non-binding,” and said there is “significant distance between us and the Sacramento group" and there is “no reason to continue any dialogue” with the Sacramento group.

    Stern revealed that the Sacramento offer is not quite complete.

    “We have had assurances of funding support and that has been documented to something in the neighborhood of 80 percent to our satisfaction,” Stern said.

    The relocation and finance committees will meet again late next week to issue their recommendation to the full Board of Governors, and because the NBA constitution requires seven business days before the full board can vote, the earliest a decision could be made is the week of May 6.

    “We’ve never had a situation like this before,” Stern said. 


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