• Realtor hides from attacker lurking inside model home

    By: Alison Grande


    BOTHELL, Wash. - A realtor in Bothell was forced to lock herself in the bathroom after a man hid out inside a model home.

    The incident happened about 6 p.m. July 5 at a new housing development off Bothell Way. Police clarified the date and time on Tuesday.

    The Northwest Multiple Listing Service sent out a warning to all real estate agents about the attempted attack. The warning said the woman was closing up the house and found the man hiding out on the third floor.

    She ran into a bathroom, locked the door, and called police. She told police he beat on the door and tried to get in.

    According to Kris Gorshkov, who is buying a house in the development, the man asked the real estate agent to show him another house earlier in the day. 

    “She was not willing to do that due to a creepy vibe she was getting from him,” said Gorshkov.

    He also said the man only gave up after he heard the real estate agent on the phone with police.

    Real Estate agents who KIRO 7 contacted Monday night knew about the attempted attack. They read the message on the Northwest Multiple Listing page. 

    At another new development, an agent had the sketch of the suspect taped to her desk so she could get a good look at it and compare it to anyone who walked through the door.

    Realtor Gloria Weise was glad to find out about the recent incident. She said she always thinks about her safety, but this will make her even more careful. She said she trusts her intuition, sometimes brings her husband along, and is careful how she positions herself in the house.

    “I make sure I am between the exit and the client. If we’re going upstairs, I sent them up first. I send them into a room first. I’m always aware of how to get out of the house, quickly,” said Weise.

    If you recognize the man in the sketch, contact the Bothell Police Department at 425-487-5551.

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