• Rain drenches new wildfire and causes mudslides

    By: Chris Legeros


    NEAR WENATCHEE, Wash. - Firefighters weren't finished mopping up an 80-thousand acre wildfire near Wenatchee, when lightning sparked another one nearby.

    It happened Friday night, and by Saturday more than five thousand acres had been scorched south of Malaga.

    Jeremy Lee said, "it was breathtaking, I mean scary." Winds pushed the flames for several miles across a ridge. 80 homeowners were advised to evacuate.

    Then early Sunday, heavy rains hit the area. Lee said, "You could take a shower outside, it was raining so hard." Up to an inch of rain fell in an hour.

    Mudslides were reported. The sheriff said three homes were knocked off their foundations. That rain also doused the flames in many areas.

    Firefighters said the wildfire didn't advance much Sunday. Fifteen percent of the fire is contained. They will reevaluate evacuation notices Monday to see whether they should remain in effect.

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