PTA parent accused of stealing thousands of dollars


TACOMA, Wash. - Police in Tacoma are investigating a theft case involving a parent who served as the PTA

treasurer at Fawsett Elementary. The woman is accused of stealing more than six thousand

dollars. Police say she then spent that money on groceries. According to police, people

began to wonder when the PTA treasurer kept missing meetings, claiming she was sick.

Police say six-thousand dollars was missing from the Fawsett Elementary PTA account and

hundreds more in cash that the treasurer was trusted to deposit never made it to the account.

The other PTA officers reported it to police. According to investigators the bank records

showed the treasurer, a 24-year-old parent spent the 6-thousand dollars writing checks for

groceries and checks to her roommate.  The PTA has a policy that two officers have to sign off

on the checks, the police report says the treasurer forged another officer's signature.

Fawsett PTA was unavailable for comment Monday, citing the ongoing investigation.