• Psychic accused of money cleansing scam

    By: David Ham


    ISSAQUAH, Wash. - An Issaquah woman is being charged with felony theft for a money "cleansing" scam.

    Court documents from the King County Prosecutor's Office allege that Paula Ann Adams, who said she was a psychic, convinced a customer to give her $25,000 cash and $4,000 in Nordstrom gift cards.

    The victim said she went to Adams after a divorce.

    Adams allegedly told the woman that the reason she was having her problems was due to her blocked chakras.

    Prosecutors said Adams conducted several ceremonial exercises with the money, including placing large amounts of cash against the woman's chest.

    "I would be smarter with my money. I wouldn't give somebody $25,000 to get rid of spirits," said Cameron Cooper, who works in an art studio that is in the same building where Adams had a storefront for her readings on Front Street in Issaquah.

    "That's pretty crazy, I wouldn't have expected that from her," added Cooper.

    Bellevue police said that when Adams got the Nordstrom gift cards, she went on a spending spree the same day and bought luxury goods like Hugo Boss suits and Louboutin shoes.

    The victim told police she repeatedly asked for her money back, but Adams kept giving excuses.

    Prosecutors said the victim also went to Adams' house for readings.

    A woman at the house said that Adams wasn't home and could not say when she would arrive.

    She said an attorney would call KIRO 7 with Adams' side of the story.

    As of Wednesday, Adams' attorney had not called.

    She has been released from jail on $100,000 bond. Her arraignment is set for May 30.

    In a request for bond, prosecutors also pointed out that they received a call from someone who claimed to be a "gypsy tribunal counsel leader" who offered to bring the prosecutor's office a cashier's check for around $4,000 to "make this go away."

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