• Prowlers target cars in Edmonds smash-and-grab break-ins


    EDMONDS, Wash. - Thieves have been prowling a neighborhood in the North Sound where they have broken into several cars.


    The thieves have been canvassing a three-block area on 220th Street Southwest between 84th and 87th.


    Cars that were targeted during the early morning hours were parked in driveways.


    Police said the thieves look through car windows to see if valuables are inside.


    Once they see something they want, they smash in a window, grab the items and then flee.


    The smash-and-grab spree started Monday.  Police said they have some leads but no suspects.


    According to Edmonds police, in the more than 70 percent of the car break-ins this year, the cars were unlocked.

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