• Prosecutors want semen from Seattle attorney charged with multiple rapes

    By: Amy Clancy


    SEATTLE - KIRO 7 was the first to report that Danford Grant volunteered a DNA sample late last year.

    Now, reporter Amy Clancy has learned King County prosecutors are specifically asking for a sample of Grant’s semen.

    Grant is the prominent Seattle attorney arrested last September and charged with raping multiple women at massage clinics in Seattle, Bellevue and Shoreline.  See photo timeline 

    The request for semen was filed this week.  See PDF document here.

     Prosecutors are also asking that Grant submit to a line-up of sorts, to identify his voice.  The new documents ask the “defendant to speak for a voice identification for witnesses.”

    Grant was in court this week where a trial date of February 11, 2014 was set.  See PDF document here.

    When the Seattle attorney was arrested, he was a partner in the firm Bailey/Grant/Onsager, which has since dropped his name from its letterhead.

    In December, when Grant voluntarily provided a sample of his DNA, his attorney, Richard Hansen told KIRO 7: "My client, Dan Grant, has nothing to hide about his DNA, so he was perfectly willing to provide it to the prosecution without putting them to the trouble of seeking a court order compelling him to give a sample.”  Read story about Grant providing DNA sample here.            

    But now prosecutors are asking specifically for a sample of Grant's semen.  Ian Goodhew, deputy chief of staff for the King County Prosecutor, would not comment other than to say there are "specific lab reasons we want that." 

    And Grant's defense attorney tells KIRO 7 the request most likely has something to do with questions about a possible vasectomy.  Richard Hansen also says Grant's defense team is meeting with its DNA experts Friday morning to discuss the semen issue, among other things.

    Meanwhile, lawyers speaking on condition of anonymity tell KIRO 7 prosecutors most likely want semen because they are "looking for something specific."  Also, "this request could be an example of the prosecution preparing for all defense possibilities."

    Semen was mentioned early in the investigation.

    According to the Seattle police report written shortly after Grant’s arrest, one of his alleged victims “used a towel to clean up semen and blood” after she says she was raped by Grant.  She “kept the towel and gave it to detectives” and it was “placed into evidence.”

    The new documents filed this week also reveal that prosecutors are adding deadly weapon enhancements and kidnapping to some of the counts against Grant.



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