• Prosecutors say drunken teen with knife terrorized neighborhood

    By: Richard Thompson


    ROCHESTER, Wash. - Calls to 911 started flooding in Sunday night after 16-year-old Leonard Flores-Martinez allegedly went on a drunken rampage in Rochester.

    Tricia Dykes says the teen showed up at her house and tried to start a fight with her grown son and then pounded on the railing outside her house.

    "He was shaking my porch, literally shaking my porch.  It  was scary," she said.

    Prosecutors say Flores-Martinez then went to another home and walked right through the back door, frightening a man and his friend inside. The homeowner told KIRO 7 the teen appeared intoxicated, but he was able to walk him out the front door of his house and then locked the doors and called 911.

     The next stop for the teen was frightening for the Doelman family. Danielle Doelman heard a knock on the door just after 9 p.m. When her husband answered the door, the teen allegedly demanded the keys to the family's minivan.

    "He was evil, that face," said Doelman, who along with her husband tried to slam the door shut on the teen. "My husband shut the door on his foot and I flung him out, "said Doelman.

    The teen then allegedly pulled out an 8-inch-long knife and started slashing the screen out of the screen door and trying to drive the knife through the couple's front door. Doelman told KIRO 7 it was terrifying,

    "If my husband had opened the door all the way, I honestly think he would have been slashed right down the front."

    Danielle said as her husband worked to keep the man out, she and her two children Miranda, 3, and Conley, 7, ran out of the house, hopped a fence and got to the neighbors. Danielle says Flores-Martinez, who was allegedly drunk , was finally stopped for good when he tried to climb in a window of her home.

    "He went to get back in and my husband punched him in the stomach.

    " Flores-Martinez allegedly ran from the house but deputies arrested him a short time later. Conley Doelman told KIRO 7 watching the man trying to break into his family's home was the scariest moment of his young life saying, "I thought my dad was going to die."

    Flores-Martinez is facing a number of charges including assault, burglary and attempted robbery. He is being held on $50,000 bail.

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