• Prosecutors say aide stole thousands in jewelry from seniors


    BREMERTON, Wash. - An aide at a Bremerton assisted living center for senior citizens is accused of stealing thousands in dollars in jewelry from at least two residents, and prosecutors said there may be more victims.

     Kallen Wyant, 22, is charged with burglary and trafficking in stolen property after Bremerton police said they tracked down the stolen items to two local pawn shops.

     Millan Smith, 89, said she discovered a box containing her jewelry was gone when she looked for a necklace belonging to her husband Stan.

    “I opened my husband’s little jewel box on the dresser and I notice something was missing," said Smith. She looked for her own jewelry packed away in a closet and found it was gone, too.

     Smith said the stolen goods mean more to her than their worth in dollars, because they have sentimental value.

    “Yes, it’s stuff my husband bought me over the last 60 years or more," Smith said.

     Bremerton police Chief Steven Strachan said the officer working the case got a list of names of employees at Bay Pointe retirement community and cross checked them at local pawn shops, “and saw that one of those names did come up at a pawn shop," Strachan said. Police also found jewelry taken from another resident at Bay Pointe.

     Police arrested Wyant Sunday. She was ordered released without bail while she awaits trial. A prosecutor said Wyant has a history of pawning jewelry going back several months and believes there may be additional victims. All of the jewelry reported stolen has been recovered.

     Smith said she and her husband relied on Wyant to help him get into bed and in and out of the shower every day. She was shocked when police told her Wyant was the culprit.

    “Because she endeared herself to people. I liked her," said Smith, “and I always thought I was a pretty good judge of character, but I’m beginning to wonder now.”

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