• Pregnant woman says racers ran her off road

    By: Lee Stoll


    MARYSVILLE, Wash. - A pregnant woman said street racers nearly killed her and her unborn child.

    Maria Grajeda, 28, was heading to work two weeks ago, but crashed on Interstate 5 and spent two days in a coma. 

    A neck brace and sling may stop her from moving her broken shoulder but she can’t stop her hands from giving her pregnant belly a protective pat.

    "I remember driving to work, trying to get there on time and then I ended up in the hospital," said Grajeda.

    Grajeda was heading to a restaurant in Monroe Feb. 1 when she lost control in Everett, hit another car and slammed into a tree.

    Her mangled car collapsed around her.  She woke up 2-days later in the hospital with 13 fractured bones.  Her 5-month-old pregnancy was in jeopardy.

    "They told me I could have lost - it was either me or my baby,"  Grajeda said.

     Grajeda says two drivers were weaving in and out of traffic before the crash at a high rate of speed.  She believes she was hit from behind or spun out trying to avoid them.  One driver was in a black SUV the other was in a black pickup truck.

    “I think they were racing, playing around," she said.

    Washington State Patrol detectives aren’t saying if the drivers were racing but they do believe the pair was going faster than the flow of traffic and may have had a role in the collision.

    They’re looking for those two drivers and anyone else who may have seen what happened.

     Grajeda may have to deliver her baby boy by C-section.

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