• Potentially deadly rattlesnake evicted from Olympia apartment


    OLYMPIA, Wash. -  A potentially deadly hybrid rattlesnake has been removed from an Olympia apartment and is now at Thurston County Animal Services.

    The snake's owner, Julian Teodoro, told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Richard Thompson, "I've been working with snakes since I was 4 years old."

    Teodoro said the snake was in a secure enclosure and posed no danger to neighbors.

     "People die from bee stings a lot more than any snake bite in our country," said Teodoro.

    Teodoro could now face up to a $2,000 dollar fine for having the snake, which is illegal to possess in the state. He voluntarily turned the snake over after a worried neighbor reported the potentially deadly reptile was living in the apartment.

    Thurston County Animal Services Executive Director Susanne Beauregard said there is no question the snake’s bite is dangerous, telling KIRO 7, "You can die or you can be in a lot of pain. It is not a pleasant experience.”

     Many neighbors had no idea they were living next door to a dangerous  viper.

    “That is surprising. I did not know,” said Cory Bukich.

     Another woman at the apartment complex told KIRO 7 she was glad the snake has been evicted.

     “I’m safe. Thank God for that,” she said.

    Beauregard said the snake is in excellent condition and has been well cared for by its owner. The rattlesnake’s venom glands will be removed and it will be given a new home at the Reptile Zoo in Monroe.

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