• Pot store ready to open in Tacoma

    By: Kevin McCarty


    TACOMA, Wash. - There isn’t a lot of items on the shelves at Rainier on Pine in Tacoma.  But marijuana is packaged and ready to go. 

    “Right now we’re not in the process of being open but we did receive our first shipment,” said owner Alex Rodriguez.

    Rainier on Pine is one of two stores in Tacoma licensed to sell marijuana. Rodriguez said even though legal sales began on Tuesday, he’s not ready to rush to rush things for the same reason other store owners are waiting. 

    “The reason the stores are not opening is simple, low inventory. There’s a shortage due to processing and packaging,” said Rodriguez.

    The low inventory is because pot growers were given the go-ahead in March and marijuana can take four months or more to mature, flower and be cured and prepared for sale.

    Rodriguez also has another motive for delaying. He wants Rainier on Pine to be a premium seller of marijuana:  high quality, a comfortable atmosphere and low prices. 

    Marketing director Paul Schrag said that because Rodriguez is looking beyond one store. Even arranging for properties in Oregon and other states who could legalize marijuana in a few months or years.

    “Alex is looking at stores in Portland right now. There are people that I’ve talked to that are looking in Michigan and California, Florida,” said Schrag.

    Rodriguez is hoping to expand to become a marijuana entrepreneur. And getting it right is more important that being first. “We have a chance to set these high standards, and the world is watching. This is part of history and this is only the beginning.”

     Rainier on Pine has no set date to open. Rodriguez said he hopes to hold a grand opening celebration in by late July.

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