• Pot dispensary opens its doors for medical patients


    SEATTLE - The largest medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle opened its doors Saturday.


    The store is called Green Ambrosia on 15th Avenue in Ballard, and provides marijuana and edible goods for medical patients.


    Dante Jones, the founder of Green Ambrosia, proudly showed KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter David Ham around the 5,200 square feet of space.


    “This is our marijuana section. These are more of our more popular strains,” said Jones. “It’s definitely the largest in Seattle. So whatever it is, it’s going to be something unique.”


    Jones designed the store so that it can serve the general public when the state issues retailer licenses later in the year.


    Tim Mains is a vendor at the store, and his product, infused mints, are similar to Altoids.


    “Designed for older people, maybe housewives too, to maybe upper to middle class people who haven’t tried smoking marijuana and want a different way to ingest,” Mains said.


    Aside from the pot products customers can ingest, Jones is also focused on providing the raw product.


    The staff at Green Ambrosia wants to make it easy for people to use. They will even roll marijuana for patients.


    Jones said the store is part of how Initiative 502 has made using pot more socially acceptable.


    “The change in public perception since the vote has been just dramatic. People have been excited by what we’re doing,” said Jones. 


    Jones said there has been many positive interests from people in the neighborhood, but he reminds people the store is for medical patients. 


    Click here for more information on news and information on the legalization of marijuana in Washington state.

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