Turmoil in Pacific's City Hall could lead to government shutdown



PACIFIC, Wash. - Seven city offices are vacant under controversial Mayor Cy Sun.



The city's insurance carrier said the city's facing so much liability for potential lawsuits because of government dysfunction that its policy will be canceled on Jan. 31.



If that happens, the Police Department and city government would have to shut down.



At a City Council meeting Monday night, some residents expressed their anger to the mayor and called for his resignation.



“Please step down. You’ve done nothing but ruin this city,” said Gary Morris.



"I’m asking you, before you cost our city any more money and embarrassment, please, I’m asking you to step down,” said Annette Perry.



Sun has faced accusations of bullying, and seven city managers have been fired or quit.



“If you’re not willing to change, if you’re not willing to abide by the law, if you’re not willing to go by procedure, the people who are hurting are the citizens, the taxpayers,” said Jeannie Francer.



“I have never seen this town in such a mess as you have it right now. I have never thought of asking a mayor or an official to resign, but sir, you need to resign,” said Gary Deason.



At one point, a citizen asked Sun to sign a resignation letter, and then the mayor fought back.



“I will not resign,” Sun told the crowd. “I ask of you to recall me. Let the voters decide.”



Because the city currently has no building inspector to enforce codes, nothing can be built.



According to the city's insurance company, it will reconsider dropping the insurance policy if the city can prove it filled all seven city positions and becomes a stable, professional environment.