• Police: Woman used baby, diaper bag to steal from Goodwill

    By: Henry Rosoff


    A woman used her 1-year-old son and a diaper bag to try to rob a Goodwill store in Seattle, police said.

    According to a Seattle police report, she went through the Goodwill at 1400 S. Lane St. Tuesday afternoon, cutting tags from a $10 polka-dot dress, a $3 scarf and other clothing then stuffed them into a diaper bag hanging from the cart.

    Store security stopped the woman on the way out, which is when she got into a struggle with guards, police said.

    The report said that once in the parking lot, a security guard stepped between the woman and her cart containing her son and the diaper bag of stolen goods.

    Police were told by the security guard that the woman resisted and was taken to the ground by security.

    Seattle police recovered $78 worth of clothing and other items from her bag. They wrote her a trespassing citation and called Child Protective Services.

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