• Police: Woman shot in leg in Renton


    RENTON, Wash. - A Renton man called 911 and told police an intruder shot his girlfriend.

    He described the gunman as wearing a mask and black clothing and told the dispatcher the man escaped out the back window.

    The incident happened at the Arbours Apartments in the 2200 block of NE 10th Place in Renton.

    An ambulance rushed the 21-year-old victim to Harborview to be treated for a gunshot wound in the leg.

    Police rushed to find the shooter.

    “A K-9 track failed to find anyone that matched that description and witnesses in the area didn’t see anybody who sounded like that,” said Renton Police Detective Robert Onishi.

    Eventually police arrested the victim’s 18-year-old boyfriend for assault.   Police say the teen had even opened the back window and pushed out the screen to make it look like an intruder had been in the house.

    Neighbors say they have heard fighting in the first floor unit before.  Detectives are checking to see if they’ve responded to any other domestic violence incidents at the apartment.

    They hope the woman, who was shot in the leg,  can recover.

    “I hope she’s OK, and if it was him she knows not to go back to that, cause she’s a better person than that,” said neighbor Xioudan Kukawka.

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