• Police: Teen beaten after trying to help pregnant woman

    By: David Ham


    Auburn police are looking for a man who beat 15-year-old Connor Bone on Saturday night after he tried to see if a pregnant woman was OK.

    He and two friends were skateboarding near M Street Southeast when he saw a man and a pregnant woman arguing.

    "I heard very clearly that he was getting more upset, more angrier than he was and it looked like he was going to slap her to the verge of that point," said Bone.

    He approached the woman near an underpass and she told him that she was OK.

    Bone said he turned around to walk away when he was knocked unconscious.

    "I heard footsteps running kind of running and I turned my he socked my right in the temple right here and that's when I went down," said Bone.

    The high school sophomore suffered a concussion, bruises, a black eye and some cuts.

    His doctor has ordered him to rest at home and to avoid hand-eye coordination activities such as reading, watching TV, and playing video games for the time being.

    Auburn police said detectives are still working on a suspect description.

    "There was a large reception going on just a few blocks away we don't know if he was associated with that reception or not so we're still trying to identify who this person is," said Commander Mike Hirman of Auburn police. "Our detectives did go to the reception in hopes to identify who our suspect is but they had no luck at the moment."

    Police, Bone and his mother are pleading for additional witnesses to come forward.

     "Immediately you want to know who did this? Who did this to my boy?" said Shannon Dagley, Connor's mother. "It's amazing that not only I think what he did is incredibly brave and I'm just glad other people are able to see that as well too."

     Bone's classmates at Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way made several posters with notes on them wishing Connor a speedy recovery. Some classmates even called him a hero.

     Bone said he would step in again if he were faced with the same situation.

     "Maybe I'll be more careful around the guy but I'd do the same thing because I do care about other people and I do care about women getting abused by other men," said Bone.

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