• Police still searching for suspect in double homicide

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE - Police are still looking for one of the men suspected of being part of a double murder and possible hate crime more than a week ago.

    Dwone Anderson-Young, 23, and 27-year-old Ahmed Said were gunned down in the early morning hours of June 1.  Friends say both men are gay and police are investigating the killing more than a week ago as a possible hate crime. Ali Muhammed Brown is still at large.  Brown is an unregistered sex offender, convicted for trying to molest his 6-year-old daughter.  He also faced misdemeanor crimes like assault and driving without a license across southern King County.

    Seattle police already have 26-year-old Matalepuna Malu in custody.  Just a half hour before the double murder, police say Malu was here at Sands strip club in North Ballard for a bachelor party. Court documents show Malu admitted to attacking another man out on the sidewalk.

    “Malu struck him in the face” and “knocked (him) unconscious.”  Malu told police the victim “got in his space.”

    Police are not seeking more suspects at this time, but are not ruling out the possibility of others being involved in the case.

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