• Police step up enforcement of spitting, smoking, biking law at Renton Transit Center

    By: Amy Clancy


    RENTON, Wash. - You'd better mind your Ps and Qs at the Renton Transit Center. Bad behavior there will soon land you in front of a judge.

    Smoking, littering, loitering, loud music, alcohol consumption, having an open container of alcohol, skateboarding, biking and spitting will now get you in trouble with the law.

    Bus rider Tonya Sewell, for one, is glad.

    "Yes, I do think it's important and I think that it's long overdue," Sewell said.

    On Tuesday all over the Transit Center, Renton Police Officers posted notices about how littering, loitering and skateboarding will get you a warning this week and a possible citation as early as next week.

    "If push comes to shove, they can be booked for these offenses," Sgt. Russ Radke told KIRO 7 reporter Amy Clancy. "As drastic as that may seem, sometimes people truly don't like being contacted by the police."

    If people know that they might be arrested, they will hopefully be encouraged to follow the rules.

    Andrea Beltran is another bus rider who applauds the new police emphasis.

    "The smoking I do see, and then the spitting just grosses me out," Beltran said.

    Spitting is something Terrence Neese admits he does at the Transit Center, but may not do anymore.

    "You could get a ticket next week for spitting. Are you still going to do it?" Clancy asked Neese.

    "Maybe if nobody's looking," he said.

    Clancy pointed to nearby cameras and pointed out that someone is always watching.

    "Well then, no," Neese said. "Probably not."

    Radke said the warmer weather brings more foot traffic to the Transit Center, which is why the added emphasis is happening now. He also said it's important for transit users to be good neighbors to the many people who live in the area.

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