• Police shoot man outside of mall after car chase


    SEATTLE, Wash - A tense afternoon for shoppers at Westfield Southcenter Mall in Tukwila Wednesday afternoon. 

    A police officer fired multiple rounds, injuring a man who they say was trying to run him over.

    Tukwila Police and eyewitnesses tell KIRO 7 it was self-defense on the officer’s part.

    Two suspects are behind bars; one is in the hospital after a police officer tried to stop suspected car thieves.

    A witness was only feet away when he saw a Tukwila Police Officer fire his weapon at a car whose driver was apparently trying to mow that officer down.

    Courtney Littleton told KIRO 7, “I watched the officer discharge the shots because they tried to kill him.  They tried to run [him] over.”

    The shooting happened just before noon at Southcenter.

    Many stores at the mall went into voluntary lockdown.

    An officer on routine patrol ran the plates of a vehicle in the area that turned out to be stolen.

    One of the suspects ran through the mall and jumped into another car.

    That's when the officer ordered the vehicle to stop.

    It didn't, so the officer opened fire.

    Stores within earshot of the gunfire went into lockdown.

    An eyewitness told KIRO she saw a lot of people started coming up the escalators, and they said they were just trying to get people off the first and second floor and that everyone should just stay calm.

    One of the suspects is in serious condition at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

    Two others suspects - a man and a woman - are under arrest.

    Tukwila Police are still working out the details, whether the suspects were shoplifting, or had just stolen a car.

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