• Quick-thinking Bothell mother snaps photo during interrupted burglary

    By: Lee Stoll


    MALTBY, Wash. - A quick-thinking Bothell mom took a cell phone photo that may help catch the man she caught breaking into her house.

    Pricilla Galvao said she knew something was wrong when she pulled up to her house Monday morning in the 4400 block of 230th Place Southeast. 

    She snapped a photo of a black Audi sitting in the driveway and walked up to the front door where she confronted a thief as he ran out.

    "I was really afraid.  He looked like (he was) mad because I came at the wrong time for him,” said Galvao.

    Galvao had left the house 20 minutes earlier to drop off her 2-year-old daughter at daycare.

    She came home to find the thief had smashed a glass door and ransacked several rooms.

    "I asked him what he was doing and he said, 'Oh, I was checking your home' and he left,” said Galvao.

    Deputies placed several schools in lockdown as they combed nearby neighborhoods for the black Audi.

    They found it a few blocks away.  The driver ditched it after hitting, but not hurting, a motorcyclist.

    He took off on a bike and is still on the loose.

    A KIRO 7 News crew tracked the car to a Bothell apartment and found deputies parked outside.

    Officers said the Audi owner called Monday afternoon to report the car stolen.

    The owner refused to talk to KIRO 7 on camera but said he noticed the car was gone and immediately called police to file a report.

     "I moved to a so-called safer place and that happens so it makes me have second thoughts, you know?"

    Galvao's husband, Guilherme Souza, said the couple fled violence in Brazil and thought Bothell would be a safe place to raise their family.

    They’re afraid the thief has not been arrested but are thankful for one thing:

    "That my daughter wasn't with me,” said Galvao.

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