• Police search for suspects in Arlington espresso stand robbery


    ARLINGTON, Wash. - Police are searching for two men in the armed robbery of an Arlington espresso stand.


    Police said Moe's Espresso in the 100 block of West Division Street was robbed Tuesday afternoon.


    Arlington police said a weapon was displayed during the robbery.


    The robbers headed north as they ran from the scene.


    Moe’s employee Andrea Oosterwyk was the only one working in when two men walked up, making her immediately suspicious.


    "They both pulled the bandanas up (over their faces) and I kind of stepped back and said, ‘Whoa!’  And that's when they said, ‘Give me all your money.’  They had a gun,” said Oosterwyk.


    Pictures come from surveillance cameras inside the stand showed not only the suspects' faces, but also the distinctive blue plaid pajama pants that one of the men was wearing.


     Oosterwyk said she got a look at both robbers before they put bandanas over their faces.   She described them as white men in their late teens or early 20s both with brown hair and possibly brown eyes.  She said both had similar thin builds and believes they could be brothers.


    "I said, ‘This is scary guys,’ and they said, ‘We know. We're sorry. We do it out of necessity,’” said Oosterwyk.


    The robbers got away with $200.


    Officers searched with a K-9, but the men were not found.

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