• Police say woman used dog as partner in crimes


    EVERETT, Wash. -  

    Detectives said a woman accused of several burglaries in Snohomish County brought her dog along during some of the crimes.


     The 44-year old woman is suspected of stealing from at least 20 people.


    Authorities told the Daily Herald the break-ins happened over the last few months from Monroe to Puyallup.


     Police said the woman remained calm whenever she was spotted on homeowners’ properties and always had a believable explanation.


    In more than one instance, she had her small dog with her that police said she used as part of her ruse.


    Authorities were able to find the woman by a description of a car given to police by a witness.


     Officers arrested the woman and found a large cache of stolen property at the Monroe home where the woman was staying.

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