• Police say woman stole jewelry, cash from seniors at retirement center


    TACOMA, Wash. - Detectives said a 28-year-old woman stole everything of value from a 94-year-old man and his senior neighbors after convincing her victims she was visiting her grandfather at a Tacoma retirement home.

     Victims at the Sunset Gardens retirement home were abuzz because they heard police arrested the woman.

     Before the thefts, many of the seniors said they never locked their apartment doors.

     Maxine Hornby said 28-year-old Fawn Bouton stole her rings and cash after gaining her trust.

     “It was so fast. I have never in my life seen somebody steal that fast,” said Hornby. “I watch detective shows and everything else, but I’ve never seen anybody steal as good as that girl can!”

     Prosecutors said Bouton would get into the retirement center by claiming she was a granddaughter of a 94-year-old resident.

     They said she stole $10,000 worth of jewelry belonging to the man's late wife while he was away in the hospital.

     Bouton also visited his neighbors.

     “I was sitting right there watching her, and she just took it that fast, she is so good at it. I don’t know where she learned it, but I would like to know,” said Hornby.

     Prosecutors on Monday charged Bouton with 11 crimes ranging from burglary to identity theft, to trafficking stolen property for pawning off the seniors' stolen jewelry, police said.

     Margaret LaGrange said Bouton stole her wallet, debit card and all her rings, which LaGrange just got back from the pawn shop.

     “Everyone knows that they’re doing wrong when they’re stealing,” said LaGrange.

     “She shouldn’t be out there, especially preying on the elderly people, and she won’t ever get her face through this door again because everybody knows that she looks like,” said Hornby.

     Bouton’s picture was posted on the doors of the retirement home.

     Her bail was set at $30,000.

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