• Police: Video shows former court official exposing himself


    SEATTLE - Police say an exclusive surveillance video obtained by KIRO 7 shows a man, who was a administrative official in the King County district court system, exposing himself to a woman on a Metro bus.

    The video shows Paul Emhoff’s suggestive behavior.  

    During most of his ride on the bus, he held his briefcase close to his pants.

    His eyes kept shifting, and at one point he put his hands behind his briefcase and lifts it.

    Moments later he moved closer to a female passenger with his briefcase shielding the surveillance camera's view.

    The woman sitting nearby is laughing, unaware of what's in front of her, until she looks ahead and realizes what's staring her in the face.

    “Oh, my God! That's disgusting!” exclaimed the victim.

    The woman immediately got off the bus.

    Emhoff had been on the job as chief administrative officer at the King County District Court for a month when the incident happened in late October.

    He resigned before prosecutors filed a charge against him in November him for allegedly exposing his penis.

    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter David Ham went to Emhoff's West Seattle home.

    "Did you expose yourself to that lady on the bus?" asked Ham.

    Emhoff didn't respond, but he watched from his window and shut his blinds when the news crew spotted him.

    Court documents say Emhoff denied exposing himself.

    After KIRO 7 put in a request for the video, prosecutors gave Emhoff’s attorneys almost three weeks to stop KIRO 7 from seeing it. But they didn’t file a court order and never responded to the prosecutor’s office.

    The court has ordered Emhoff have no contact with the victim. He's due back in court on Jan. 7.

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