• Police say Tacoma man searching for dog killed by teens


    TACOMA, Wash. - Police in Tacoma said they have solved the mysterious slaying of a man who was found shot to death in his truck after he was looking for his missing dog.


    Both of the suspects in the case are teenage boys.


    Marcus Langford looks much smaller and younger than 16, but he faces charges as an adult in the slaying of David Watson.


    Jonathan Watson said seeing his brother's alleged killer in custody is bittersweet.


    “I wanted to burn that face into my brain so that I never forget it. I want to know who’s responsible,” said the victim’s brother, Jonathan Watson.


    Police said Langford and another teenager, 16-year-old James Stimson, who is still at large, shot and killed David Watson during a robbery outside a closed convenience store in the early-morning hours of Nov. 18.


    Police said the two boys were out looking for victims to rob in the middle of the night.


    Investigators said Langford and Stimson approached David Watson around 3 a.m. as he looked for his lost dog.


      A store surveillance camera was recording as the two asked for money, and when David Watson handed them $5, they demanded more, investigators said.


     Police said Stimson pointed a gun at David Watson, who grabbed the barrel as he was shot.


    The 45-year-old victim was found in his truck with its engine revving after he was shot in the chest.


    “It’s an absolutely senseless crime. I’m looking for justice. My family’s looking for justice,” said Jonathan Watson.


    Stimson has been charged with murder by warrant.  Police said they are following several leads and expect an arrest soon.

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