• Breaking News: A suspect has been arrested in North Bend sexual assault and stabbing

    By: Deborah Horne


    North Bend, Wash. - A worker at Jay Berry’s Gourmet Pizza was sexually assaulted and stabbed before being wrapped in duct tape the night of March 9 at the restaurant.

    Early Monday morning, the Snoqualmie Police Department announced that it had arrested a 41-year-old North Bend resident for the crime.

    Hours after the incident happened, KIRO 7 interviewed a woman who used to work nearby.

    "It's crazy because I actually used to be a busser there, a couple of summers ago," said Sarah Tompkins, who has worked for a little more than a year as a stylist at Hair Masters, just five doors down from Jay Berry's Gourmet Pizza.  So the news of an assault hit hard.

     "He might have been staking out all day," said Tompkins.  "For all I know he was out back when we went outside.  You know, it's scary."

     Police say a female employee was closing the restaurant just before 11 p.m.  She went out the back door when a man allegedly forced her back into the restaurant. Once inside, she told police, he sexually assaulted her, stabbed her in the chest then tied her wrists and feet with duct tape.  She called 911.

     "It's a sexual assault," said Snoqualmie/North Bend Police Chief Steve McCulley. "I can't go any further than that. Very tragic.  And again, luckily she sustained no life-threatening injuries."

    On Monday March 10, investigators told KIRO 7 that they didn’t have a lot to go on. North Bend residents said they have seen an increase in crime in the area.

    "But we've also been increasing in population here faster than anybody," said Dan Thompson who lives in Snoqualmie.  "So you know, that's going to bring some crime, I'm sure."

    Sarah Tompkins at Hair Masters said they are now under orders not to leave work at night alone.

    "We have to do the buddy system to go outside," said Tompkins. "The buddy system for the bank. Buddy system for garbages."

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