• Police say man fired volley of gunshots at roommates in apartment

    By: Lee Stoll


    EVERETT, Wash. - Residents  of an Everett apartment building are repairing bullet holes in their walls after a man opened fire on his roommates. 

    There are hundreds of people who live in the apartment complex in the 9900 block of 12th Avenue W. in Everett.  

    "Really nice guy he just, phew, snapped," said Tim Brown, who opened the door to tell us what happened Tuesday night. 

    Brown lives with 66-year-old Edward Lewis and another adult. He says Lewis thought the roommates were arguing, so he grabbed a 9mm handgun and started shooting at them. 

    Bullets pierced walls to at least two other units. Notes were placed on the doors to tell residents that Everett police went inside to collect evidence. 

    In court papers Lewis admitted to firing 11 times. 

    "He pointed it at me, and then he shot it right next to my ear and I still can't hear out of my ear yet,” said Brown. 

    Luckily no one was hurt. Brown says Lewis is a Vietnam vet who suffers post-traumatic stress disorder and was drinking. 

    "I wanted to beat him up but he had a gun in his hand so I didn't do nothing,” said Brown. 

    "We believe he's a risk to community safety,” said the Snohomish County prosecutor who asked a judge to set Lewis’ bail at $100,000. 

    Magdalena Mendoza moved into the complex last fall. 

    "I've seen a lot of families. There's a lot of kids here,” she said.  Now, she is starting to think about moving out. 

    "It's not fair. It's not nice,” she said.

    Brown says officers also took two unloaded rifles from Lewis’s bedroom.

    The apartment complex was the scene of another shooting in January. A man shot his wife to death after she apparently stabbed him. Officers removed two small children from the apartment who were not hurt.

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