• Police say ID thief who printed money has as many as 200 victims


    EVERETT, Wash. - Investigators say there are about 200 victims in the case of a Snohomish County couple who printed counterfeit money and checks, and stole mail and personal and financial documents at the Marysville apartment complex where they lived.

    Joshua Zarelli, 31, was arrested Monday afternoon on charges of ID theft,  possession of stolen proper, forgery and financial fraud.

    Police documents said the co-suspect in the case, Cassandra Grenier, is accused of possession of stolen mail.

    According to a Snohomish County police document, police received a tip in September that the couple was involved in counterfeiting and financial fraud at the Serene Village apartment complex where they lived.

    The source told police that Zarelli had been breaking into mailboxes there, and stealing large amounts of both incoming and outgoing mail.   In one of the burglarized mailboxes, Zarelli found a key that gave him access to an office where personal and financial records of previous tenants were stored, which  included banking information, Social Security numbers and driver’s license information, the source told police.

    The police report said the source claimed Zarelli had been using the stolen information to make fake ID cards and fraudulent checks for several months.

    Officers responding to a report of a burglary at Zarelli’s apartment on Sept. 27 said they saw that Zarelli had been printing money.  The officers contacted a Snohomish County deputy who had been preparing to serve a warrant there. Armed with a warrant, the deputy and Marysville detectives searched the apartment and found personal and financial documents belonging to numerous victims, as well as checks, ID cards, card stock, check stock, counterfeit money, printers, laptops, mail and other evidence, according to a deputy.

    Mail belonging to numerous victims was recovered, along with personal and financial information.

    Police said there were about 200 victims in the case, and the majority were either past or current residents of the Serene Village apartment complex.

    Officers also found that Zarelli had made several attempts to print checks and there was evidence that stolen or fraudulent checks had been cashed or used to make purchases.

    Police said Zarelli and Grenier were seen on camera at an Everett Target store writing a fraudulent check and handing it to the cashier.

    In December, detectives questioned Zarelli, who was already in jail on an unrelated warrant. Police documents said Zarelli told them that on the day his apartment was searched, he discovered two strangers had been staying there and denied involvement in the fraud case.

    Zarelli appeared in court Tuesday afternoon.  He is being held on $75,000 bail.

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