• Police say Everett pastor set up sex-for-money date with teen


    EVERETT, Wash. - An Everett pastor who is accused of trying to hire a teenage girl for sex faced charges Thursday.

     Based on what his attorney said in court, it appears John Lawlor was fired from his job as a pastor since his arrest for allegedly trying to hire a 16-year-old for girl for sex.

     According to court documents, Lawlor, also known as pastor Jack Lawlor, admitted he intended to have sex with the teenager.

     Court documents said detectives sent emails and photos to Lawlor from a police officer claiming to be a 16-year-old “full of energy.”

     Lawlor agreed to pay $200 for sex, court papers said.

     Officers said when Lawlor went to pick the girl up, they saw him in his truck, which had condoms inside as well as $200 in cash.

     He was arrested.

     “This minor wasn't real, (she) was imaginary. And I don’t think my client presents a risk to the general population,” Lawlor’s attorney said in court.

     His attorney also said Lawlor still goes to church, where there are children.

     The judge agreed that Lawlor could be around minors if there’s an adult present who’s aware of the charges.

     Lawlor was a pastor in Idaho for 11 years and police said he had no criminal history there.

     Last year, he moved to Washington and became a community life pastor for the First Baptist Church of Everett, according to information on the church’s website that was removed after the Lawlor’s arrest.

     Lawlor, who pleaded not guilty, is out on bail and is expected in court next month.

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