• Police say argument led to boat arson in Everett


    EVERETT, Wash. - Police said fire on a boat Tuesday night that could have easily spread throughout the Port of Everett Marina started as an argument that escalated into arson.

     Officers said they were called to the marina by a woman when an argument between her and a man on a boat became intense.

     When Everett police officers arrived, they tried to get the man and the woman on the boat to work things out, but it didn't happen.

     Police said the man set the sailboat on fire right after the woman left.

     The fire was hot enough that it appears a propane tank aboard exploded.

     Investigators said the man stayed on the burning boat until he was forced to get off when he was overcome by smoke.

     He was immediately arrested by police.

     Canvas on a boat in the slip next to the burning boat was melted by the heat and the boat was blackened by smoke as well.

    The boat that was moored at the E dock at the marina has since been hauled away.

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