• Police release 911 calls of accidental fatal shooting of Marysville officer's daughter


    STANWOOD, Wash. - Police released the 911 calls of placed after the 7-year-old daughter of a Marysville police officer was accidentally with the officer’s own gun.


    Marysville police officer Derek Carlile’s daughter, Jenna Carlile, was shot on March 10 in a family van in Stanwood. She died the next morning.


    According to police, Derek Carlile left his loaded revolver under the dashboard.


    Carlile told police that he believed his son had shot the girl with the gun.


    After the shooting occurred, the mother of the girl called 911 immediately. 


    911 Operator: Where is the gun?


    Mother: My husband has it.


    911 Operator: How did she get shot?


    Mother: My son grabbed it and shot her.


    911 Operator: Who shot her?


    Mother: My son.


    911 Operator: How old is your son?


    Mother: He’s 3 years old.


    According to police, the shooting has been called an accident.


    Prosecutors have not said if Derek Carlile will be charged for allowing the children to have access to his loaded gun. 

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