• Police: Puyallup jewelry heist like a movie plot

    By: Alison Grande


    High tech jewelry thieves escaped with $1 million worth of jewelry according to Puyallup police.

    The burglary happened Sunday morning at Gold Dimensions Jewelers on Puyallup's South Hill.

    Store owner, Lisa Catt, got a call from police when employees at neighboring businesses arrived Monday to find holes in the ceiling and the walls.

    Investigators say the thieves cut holes in the roof and dropped down into the businesses on either side of the jewelry store. They punched through the dry wall and used lighted scopes to search for where the safe was located. When they found it the broke through the wall and sawed into the safe.

    "I thought ‘that's absolutely impossible.’ How can you break through three inches of concrete and steel. There's no way, “said owner Lisa Catts.

    Then she got the door of the safe open. "To have it wiped away in less than 3.5 hours blows my mind," said Catt.

    She is most upset about the jewelry customers had left to be worked on, stored in their safe. Catt and other employees called customers on Tuesday to tell them about the burglary.

    Detectives think the burglars have done this before. "This is movie stuff I've never seen before, very sophisticated, very methodical, well-planned out," said Detective Mike Lusk.

    The thieves never set foot in the store, so they never triggered the security alarm. Lusk hopes someone will recognize their handiwork and turn them in.

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