• Police pull Seahawks fans from overcrowded ferry

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE, Wash. - The 4:20 p.m. sailing of the Cathlamet from Seattle to Bremerton was forced to turn back to Bremerton on Friday.

    There were nearly 500 too many passengers on board.  Many of them were headed to the Seahawks pre-season game.

    Ferry workers allowed 1,685 passengers on a ferry that can only carry 1,200.   "Obviously the person with the clicker didn't do the clicking," said passenger Chad Johnson.

    Passenger Ginger Gruber noticed the boat was really full. "When we were loading it was packed. I've never been on a ferry when it was so full before."

    When the Cathlamet arrived back at the dock, ferry workers asked for volunteers to get off the boat. When that didn't get enough people off the ferry, police and state troopers boarded the boat.

    Johnson was afraid that if he got off the boat, he'd miss the game, "We were told we would be arrested if we didn't get off," said Johnson while wearing a Seahawks jersey.

    Jonathon Havens was upset that there wasn't any order to who was kicked off the ferry. "Even if we were the first people on, they told us to get off."
    The 485 people forced off the Cathlamet arrived about 90 minutes late on the Sealth, about 20 minutes before game time.

    The fans were upset and eager to run to the game.
    To make amends for the mishap, Washington State Ferries made the trip back to Bremerton free for all passengers and vehicles on Friday night.

    They also added a couple runs to try to catch up and get people across the water. By 11:30 p.m. Colman Dock had cleared out.

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