• Police: Man tried to kill family members in motorhome arson

    By: Richard Thompson


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - Surveillance video obtained by KIRO-7 shows Ricky Luppino telling his son-in-law Joshua Ford to leave a motor home in Rainier after a family fight Saturday night.

    Ford can then be seen in the video opening a van on the property, and pulling out a 5-gallon gas can. Ford then walks back to the motor home and kicks the door shut,  locking his wife and father-in-law inside.

    Ricky Luppino told KIRO-7 it was very scary inside the RV with Ford outside. "He started throwing gasoline on the side of the motor home and I could smell it," Luppino said.

    The video does show Ford pouring gas on the RV, going to the front of the vehicle and setting it on fire. As a ball of flame erupted into the sky, Ricky Luppino says he couldn't get out the door, and had just seconds to climb out a small window on the back side of the RV as his son-in-law shouted. "He said I hope you both die," said Luppino.

    Fortunately, Luppino, who is battling cancer, was able to get around the RV and open the door so his daughter could escape.  When asked what he thought Ford was trying to do, Luppino replied "He was gonna kill us that's what he said, me and my daughter both."

     Joshua Ford now stands accused of attempted murder.  Thurston County Sgt. Ray Brady says Ford has shown no remorse.  "The first responding officers that apprehended him, he told them flat out, he was glad he set it on fire," said Sgt. Brady.

     Ricky Luppino says his son in-law is a dangerous man, "I have the Lord, Jesus Christ, on my side, and I forgive the guy, but he has to go to jail where he belongs, because he's going to do it again."

     Ford is currently being held in the Thurston County Jail on $100,000 bail.

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