Police: Man killed his mother, attacked friend with screwdriver

by: Richard Thompson Updated:

THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. - Tyler Lewis, 30, appeared in a Thurston County courtroom on Tuesday accused of murder and assault.  Detectives say Lewis attacked his own mother 59-year-old Frankie Austin and stabbed her to death with a screwdriver inside the garage of her Olympia area home. 

Detectives told KIRO 7 Lewis also admits he cut off his mother's ring finger, stole her wedding ring and killed her dog. The gruesome scene was discovered by the woman's husband who arrived home from work, found her and made a very emotional call to 911. 

"Please get somebody here, her son did it," said the woman's husband to dispatchers. "I know he did he's crazy. He's delusional we’ve been trying to get him to commit himself but he wouldn't." 

Detectives say Lewis not only admits killing his mother but then going to the Lacey home of his 67-year-old friend Westley Simpson who was in a wheelchair. Lewis told police he wanted to help his friend go to a better place with where he would not have to suffer anymore. Detectives say Lewis attacked Simpson with screwdriver stabbed him and severed his spine. 

A good Samaritan named Teri Lynne discovered the victim in Lacey because his dog Bella was darting in and out of traffic on Marvin road. 

Teri Lynne said, "He was stopping in front of cars and stopping and looking like I need something. 

"The woman followed the dog to the front door of a home and discovered Westley Simpson. "I stepped a bit farther into the house and I saw all the blood," said Teri Lynne. "He was dying." 

Mr. Simpson is in critical condition. Prosecutors say as a result of the attack if Simpson survives he will have no use of his limbs below his neck and will need a ventilator to help him breath.

Tyler Lewis is in the Thurston county jail being held on $2 million bail.