• Police: Man grinded on store window, arrested for indecent exposure

    By: Casey McNerthney , KIRO 7 STAFF


    A man with a history of indecent exposure has been charged after police said he exposed himself to women working at a sandwich shop and made obscene gestures by the store window.

    Charges were filed last week, but the incident happened the night of Oct. 24 at the Sub Shop in Westwood Village Shopping Center. After the store was closed, police say Lydell Coleman violently tugged at the door and then moved from the glass door to the glass window.

    “At the glass window, (Coleman) was observed making sexual motions on the glass window that were described as “humping” and rubbing his genitals against the window,” Seattle Police Detective Jeff Spong wrote in a probable cause document. “Coleman then went back to the glass door and was told that the store was closed.”

    That’s when the women said he exposed himself and began swinging around. When one of the women went to call security, they said Coleman fled.

    Coleman’s indecent exposure conviction happened in 2005 and was filed in Tacoma Municipal Court. Court documents show he also has multiple convictions for assault, harassment, criminal trespass and drugs.

    Coleman is expected to have an arraignment, where he’ll enter a plea, next month.

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