• Police make grim discovery of infant's remains in home's yard


    LACEY, Wash. - Police made a disturbing discovery Tuesday in the front yard of a Thurston County home where a 16-year-old girl said she buried her newborn baby after it was stillborn.


    According to police, the teen told the school nurse at River Ridge High School in Lacey that she had delivered a stillborn baby in June, and she and the baby’s 16-year-old father buried the dead infant girl in his front yard.


    The Thurston County Sheriff's Office recovered the body. Detectives said they are concerned that the child may have been born alive.


    “The big concern is that child was alive when it was born and something criminal happened after the child was born. We can’t say that. We may never be able to know,” said Greg Elwin with the Sheriff’s Office.


        Detectives said the baby's remains will be examined by the coroner to try and determine if the child was born alive or dead.


    “The whole thing is tragic and it was a series of poor choices and big mistakes made all along the way,” said Elwin.


    “I almost want to cry right now just hearing it.  It’s horrible to do that to a baby,” said neighbor Katie Hague.


    Sheriff's officials said even if it is determined the baby was stillborn, the teen parents could face criminal charges for improper disposal of human remains.

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