• Police: Lynwood man threatened to blow up Boston company

    By: Lee Stoll


    LYNNWOOD, Wash. - An angry call from Lynnwood left people at a Boston-based company in fear of being blown up at work.

    ATF, Border Patrol and Lynnwood police showed up at Stewart Brooks Jr.’s Lynnwood house and arrested him Monday.

    "It seems like it's over a little nothing, maybe making something big out of it,” Brooks’ father, who’s also named Stewart Brooks.

    He told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News his son got two calls from Lojack— a company that uses tracking systems to prevent car thefts. The automated message said his son’s car had been moved illegally.

    But the car was still in the driveway.

    Brooks called the company’s call center in Canton Massachusetts, which is 20 minutes outside of Boston.

    According to court papers, he told an employee he was going to “detonate” things and “blow him to kingdom come.”  Brooks allegedly went on to tell other workers he was going to blow their cars up, and to be careful when they go outside.

    "He lost it talking on the phone and made several bad speeches," said Brooks’ father,

    LoJack spokesperson Jeremy Warnick said the Boston community is still on edge after the marathon bombings.

    "Any threats involving wording that goes along with what's happened in Boston obviously are taken to a heightened nature right now," said Warnick.

    Police said Brooks admitted to using the word “bomb” because he knew people would still be shaken by the Boston attacks.  They also said he didn’t think he had done anything wrong.

    LoJack admitted they had Brooks’ phone number on another account by mistake.  Brooks is not a LoJack customer.

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