• Police look for victims of prolific burglars

    By: Lee Stoll


    MUKILTEO, Wash. - Mukilteo police were looking for burglary victims on Monday who may have been targeted by a prolific pair of thieves.

    Police arrested two men last month. They recovered two truckloads of stolen property including flat-screen TVs, guns and jewelry.

    "This is by far the most stuff I've ever taken out of a search warrant," said Mukilteo police Detective John Ernst.

    Now, the challenge is finding who the stolen goods belong to.

    Police said the pair targeted two communities, including five homes off Harbor Pointe Boulevard.

    "Everyone's kind of nervous at this point, I can tell, " said Brian Benn. His neighbor was burglarized last month. "He seemed pretty upset about it. Just from his reaction, you could tell they got him pretty bad."

    Benn installed security cameras. Staci Eilers set up motion lights.

    "We were planting flowers the other day and wondering if we need to start a neighborhood watch program because we were really scared about it," said Eilers.

    Since January, burglars have hit more than 60 homes in Mukilteo. Edmonds is twice Mukilteo's size but has had fewer than 40 residential burglaries this year.

    Mukilteo detectives are now talking to all of their burglary victims and hope they can claim some of the stolen items.

    They are going to post pictures of the recovered items on a website. Victims will be given a password so they can log on and set up an appointment to get a closer look at anything they recognize.

    "One of the suspects is talking to us," said Ernst. "He's helped us to identify some of the places where some of this stuff goes."

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