• Police: Light rail masturbator investigated in multiple cases

    By: Alison Grande


    A man has been charged with masturbating near two women on  Sound Transit trains, and investigators think there’s at least one other victim in a separate incident.

    Sergio Davila-Sanchez, who already has a conviction for fondling himself in front of a mother and her daughters in Florida, targeted women on the Link light rail over several weeks, investigators said.

    About 7 a.m. March 2, a young woman named Megan -- who asked KIRO 7 not to use her last name -- boarded the light rail train at the SeaTac station and went to the rear of the train. Davila-Sanchez sat across from her. Shortly after the train left the Tukwila International Boulevard station, the woman looked and saw Davila-Sanchez had his penis fully exposed from his khaki pants, police said.

    “Dude, what the (expletive)?” Megan said. “What are you doing? You need to stop. You need to zip up your pants!”

    Davila-Sanchez continued to go at himself and Megan continued to yell until he zipped up his pants. Police viewed the train surveillance video, and investigators say it clearly shows Davila-Sanchez trying to change his identity. 

    Davila-Sanchez took off his coat and stuffed it into his backpack, then left the train at the Rainier Beach station. Megan stepped off the train and took a picture of him with her cell phone.  She had called 911 and police arrested him at the station.

    Megan later identified Davila-Sanchez in police custody, and investigators said they found some the clothes he was wearing on the train inside his backpack.

    In a similar case Dec. 30, police said Davila-Sanchez sat next to a woman on the northbound light rail train at the University Street station. She looked over to see Davila-Sanchez playing with himself, police were told.

    “This is gross, disgusting!” the woman yelled. Davila-Sanchez claimed the woman was sleeping and saw nothing.

    Police say Davila-Sanchez walked away at the Westlake Station and the woman reported the incident to security. Davila-Sanchez was not found that day, but the woman identified him from a photo lineup, charging documents show.

    Investigators did not elaborate on the other light rail case in which Davila-Sanchez is being investigated. Police have been unable to reach the witness in that case to confirm Davila-Sanchez’s identity, and he has not been charged in that investigation.

    But Davila-Sanchez has a separate, ongoing fourth-degree assault case with sexual motivation. That King County District Court charge came from an Aug. 28 incident.

    “If someone’s that bold to get on a train where other people are and expose themselves like this, you never know what they’re going to do,” King County Sheriff’s Sgt. Cindi West said.

    Davila-Sanchez’s arraignment for the light rail cases, where he’s expected to enter a plea, is scheduled for March 24 in King County Superior Court.

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