• Police investigating after woman found dead in Bellevue


    BELLEVUE, Wash. - A thirty-five-year-old mother was found murdered in Bellevue. Investigators are working to find who killed Nataliya Vabishchevich.

    When Vabishchevich didn’t show up for work on Monday, her co-workers went to 10th Place NE Condos in Bellevue. 

    Vabishchevich was a massage therapist part-time at Eastside Life Chiropractic in Redmond. Her co-workers found her dead on the floor of the entry way to her second floor condo.

    Police would not say how she died, but made it clear she was not shot.

    Neighbor Erica Bartram worries about Vabishchevich’s son, “I feel awful. She has a young son. I don’t know what will happen to him now.”

    Investigators told us her son is safe.

    Vabishchevich worked four days a week for six years at Pure Chiropractic in Bellevue.  Dr. Jeremy Welch found out one of his employees was dead when police showed up at his Bellevue office this afternoon. “ It was like I got punched in the stomach when someone tells you that, you don’t know what to think right away, “ Welch said.

    Welch said he was immediately impressed with Vabishchevich and hired her right out of massage school.

    He said “Nataliya was one of those people when you first meet her. She’s just so bubbly and you tell yourself no one is that happy all the time. We have good days and bad days, no one could be that happy- but she was always happy.” Welch can’t understand who would want to hurt her.

    Investigators spent more than 11 hours working with the State Patrol Crime Lab collecting evidence. Detectives went door to door talking to neighbors.

    Police said they were looking to talk to someone who had been living with Vabishchevich at the condo, but would elaborate.

    Neighbors told us they didn’t know anyone else was living with Vabishchevich and her son.

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