• Police close in on person of interest in Bothell homicide


    BOTHELL, Wash. - Detectives are continuing their investigation of a Bothell woman’s death, and investigators have closed in on a person of interest.


    Police found a woman’s body at a home on 240th Street on Feb. 12. She was identified as Susann Smith, who was a mother of two.


    According to police, Smith’s estranged husband, Alan Smith, is now a person of interest in the investigation.


    Detectives questioned Alan Smith and Bothell police served a search warrant Friday morning. Police hauled his motorcycle away.


    Police also found a bloody ax inside the house.


    Neighbors said police have been keeping an eye on the property.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter David Hamm spoke with Susann Smith’s neighbors, who are mourning and still devastated about the loss.


    “Last week they came in and they were hauling away all the dumpsters and the cops were following them out,” said Robert Wyatt.


    The warrant noted Susann Smith was in the middle of a bitter divorce.


    “He couldn’t talk to Susann. I suggest they got a counselor or and he said they had already been there, but he could never reason with her,” said friend Rose Buckley.


    Neighbors said they’re still hurting from the loss, but they’ve been worried about their own safety.


    “Our number one question was, ‘Is there a killer at loose?’” asked a neighbor.


    To reassure neighbors, Bothell police told them that they had a person of interest.


    “We believe this was kind of like an isolated incident,” said Cedric Collins of the Bothell Police Department.


    The neighbors did not know the person of interest was Susann Smith’s estranged husband. The news brought chills to the neighbors.


    “This is unbelievable. Horrible it happened right under our nose,” said a neighbor.


    Police told KIRO 7 that the two kids are with child protective services.

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