• Police: Federal Way woman stabs husband to death

    By: Natasha Chen


    FEDERAL WAY, Wash. - Detectives in Federal Way are investigating a fatal stabbing. Police said a woman stabbed her husband around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

    Fifty-year-old Bonita O’Neal is now in the King County Jail, charged with second-degree murder.

    According to a court document, Bonita O’Neal told police the stabbing was an accident. She stated she and her husband, Eric Winters, were discussing the mortgage on their home and she suspected him of drinking Wednesday evening.

    The document states: “She went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. She grabbed a knife out of the drawer to cut up frozen chicken. When Eric walked up behind her, she turned around and accidentally stabbed him.”

    But the document continues to describe a different story, described by Bonita O’Neal’s teenaged son, Lewis.

    Lewis O’Neal told police he was at home asleep in his bedroom when he heard his stepfather come home and start arguing with his mother.

    The document states: “He stepped out of his room and saw Bonita armed with a kitchen knife and telling Eric to leave the house. Lewis attempted to separate the two by putting his body in between them when Eric ‘went around him’ and Eric was with the knife.”

    First responders tried to aide Winters, but he died on the scene.

    Federal Way police spokesperson Cathy Schrock said, “The deceased had an extensive criminal history. However, we don’t have any prior history of domestic violence with either of these two individuals.”

    KIRO 7 found Winters had a record of robbery and assault.

    But Winters’ family called to say those convictions were more than a decade ago, and that Winters had not been in any trouble for a long time.

    A friend of Bonita O’Neal’s told KIRO 7 she found the incident entirely out of character. Bonita O’Neal works as an office manager at Voto Health.

    KIRO 7 visited Bonita O’Neal’s home on Thursday, but another one of her sons said the family did not want to comment.

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