• Police: Burglars tunnel through wall to steal shoes

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE - Police are searching for three men who stole thousands of dollars worth of shoes from a U-district shoe store.

    The heist happened Monday morning around 1:30 am. The owner of Recess shoe store said the men broke into the key box for the apartment building next door. They used the master key to get inside the apartment building then cut through the drywall to access the shoe store.

    Glen Delola lives upstairs and is friends with the owner. He got called early Monday morning to check out the store.

    “When I got here it looked out of place. There was like a sheet up in the window and it didn’t look like they normally keep it,” said Delola.

    The front door was still locked and the back door was left open. He went inside with police. 

    “We noticed there was a hole in the wall that lead into the apartment,” added Delola.             

    Surveillance video shows the men came back three times Monday morning. Their last visit tripped the alarm.

    “It sounds like a bank robbery or jewelry heist or something like that,” Delola said.

    The stolen shoes are worth thousands of dollars. Many of the shoes were collector’s item.               

    The security breach meant the apartment building next door had to re-key all of the locks. The burglars stole the building’s master key.

    “It’s kind of disconcerting I guess especially that they’re able to get into our building, “said resident Sara Brumley. She knew the locks had been changed but didn’t know why.              

    The owner of the store hopes someone recognizes the three burglars from the surveillance video.  He removed the rest of his merchandise from the store while he works with investigators.

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