• Homicide detectives investigate death of woman in West Seattle

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE - Seattle police are investigating a strange and brutal murder.

    Late Saturday, Trang Nguyen, 19, huddled with family and friends for comfort outside the apartment she shared with her mom off Highpoint Drive SW near 30th Avenue SW.  Nguyen found the door to the apartment unlocked and blood everywhere hours earlier.

    Police came and found the teen’s mom stabbed to death and hidden in a closet.

    Nguyen said the house was also ransacked, though it appeared nothing of value was taken.  Her room in particular was tossed, and strangely a single candle was lit by whoever killed her mother.

    “It’s really cold blooded to kill my sister like that,” said Trung Dinh, Nquyen’s uncle.

    Family identified the victim as 46-year-old Nga Nguyen, but didn’t have a picture of her they could share.  Dinh said his sister did not have any enemies and neighbors also said she was very friendly.

    Seattle police are realizing very few details about their investigation.  Investigators said they are not sure at this point if they are looking for one suspect or more than one suspect.

    Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact the Seattle Police Department's homicide tip line at 206-233-5000.

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