• Woman kicked out of Children's Hospital, tries to grab child

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    SEATTLE - Seattle police are on the lookout after someone tried to grab a child near Children's Hospital.

    Police said the woman was intoxicated when she grabbed the child around 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

    They said she was kicked out of the hospital earlier after trespassing in the hospital's patient playroom.

    Hospital officials said that woman got a pass from security to only go to the Starbucks inside the hospital, but security spotted her in the playroom, which is open to kids staying at the hospital for treatment. They're allowed to play there with any brothers or sisters as long as they are supervised by an adult family member and staff.

    Hospital officials said she was issued a criminal trespass warning after being removed from the property.

    Seattle police said she grabbed the arm of an 11-year-old boy as he crossed the street outside the hospital with his grandfather, who volunteers at the hospital.

    Police said that grandfather told the woman to leave them alone and she ran off toward a bus stop.

    "That's terrible," Perlecia Rando, whose 4-month-old son is staying at the hospital for care, said. "I mean, that's really scary."

    SPD Spokesperson Renee Witt said the boy was frightened but unhurt. Hospital officials told KIRO 7 they don't know how many kids were in the playroom at the time but say none of them was approached or hurt.

    Hospital officials said they issued a reminder to staff to report any suspicious behavior or visitors without appropriate access badges.

    KIRO 7 spotted cameras all over the property and asked if hospital officials are looking through the video to find images of the woman.

    They said they would help police in any way they can.

    Police said the woman likely has substance abuse and mental health issues.

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